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textile design - art direction - photography - graphic design 

All materiality on planet earth has grown from nature in one way or another. However, as a result of mass production, a process in which we standardise and abstract raw materials, there is a strong disengage between the materials and where they come from versus what they are turned into.

We need to shed light on the way we excessively exploit our planet’s resources, manipulate them to the point where we don’t even know what our close surroundings are made of, and then carelessly discard them.

I intend to de-abstract our mass produced possessions by using textiles to stay true to the raw materials’ original form - preserving nature and reincorporating it more respectfully. In attempt to change our consumption habits we can therefore (re)establish a relationship between what we surround ourselves with and the earth where it all comes from.

The textiles collection growganic matter, is divided into 'vegetation', 'flesh' and 'decay'. Here, I merge biomaterials and crafting techniques. Samples contain wet and needle felted wool, kombucha leather, as well as agar- and alginate-based biomaterials with a natural waste base (i.e. lawn mower grass, banana peels, over-ripe mangos). I have derived the rich and earthy color palette solely from natural dyes. Lastly, a material book graphically captures material construction, print experiments, process documentation and three garments in a photoshoot. 

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vegetation is the origin, nature in its purest form. untouched. vegetation expresses fragility, openness and growth. rooted beneath and sprouting beyond. it lives and therefore, it is vegetation that gives humans life. 

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flesh represents humans as the driving force in the destruction of nature. we transform vegetation to decay. we believe to be greater than nature. nasty, gooey, sticky. we manipulate nature to the unrecognisable, without questioning. however, flesh also visualises that we and our naked bodies too are nothing more than nature. organic.

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textile sample pages4.png

​​decay shows nature under the exploiting influence of humans. the last stage, in which we carelessly allow our possessions to deteriorate. rough and raw. waste that we once took from, and can now gives back to, nature. 

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