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concept development - textile design - photography - graphic design 

We cook food every day, preparing and combining ingredients to create a filling meal for our tastebuds to indulge in. The kitchen is a very familiar space. Now, what if I told you, that you can use that same space, the same utensils, the same processes and the same ingredients to create more than just food? Together, you and your kitchen, provide everything needed to create textiles and materials. 


Although textile and material design may seem like a niche and complex matter, makers are confronted with materiality the moment they start creating. Everything is made of something, and this something determines environmental impacts in creation, usage and disposal. 


The problem lies in the paradox between the omnipresence of materials and the abstract and scientific associations one may have with material development and innovation. It’s hard to know where to start when you’re not acquainted with the possibilities of innovating textile and material design with more circular, craft-driven and natural alternatives. 


This book of recipes documents an explorative research of how easily you can apply elements from cooking to textile and material design, and alter these recipes according to your needs and making practices. Meals and Materials is all about blurring the lines between (the simplicity of) cooking food and (the absurdity of) making textiles. 


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