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Rebearth is a self-developed sub-brand for MUD Jeans, which believes in using innovation and craft by giving new life to the unwanted. The assignment involves creating a retail environment which reflects the  essence of Rebearth


A fully circular and interactive space where sustainability lies at the core, determining store location, store interior and collection, rooted in a material-based and purpose-driven foundation. This ranges from an in-store natural dyeing station using the next-door café's food waste, a soil patch to visualise denim biodegradability or a rainwater tank. 


In this research-driven and collaborative project I translated a concept into 3D spatial renderings, a collection book and materials. Together, we created a cohesive brand and retail space, displayed in the previously mentioned components, as well as digital renderings and a visual identity. 

3D store rendering 

artistic impression 2.png
artistic impression 1.png

visual identity and packaging design

Visuell Identitet Rebearth v 1.0-1-1.jpg
Visuell Identitet Rebearth v 1.0-2-1.jpg
Visuell Identitet Rebearth v 1.0-9-1.jpg
Visuell Identitet Rebearth v 1.0-8-1.jpg

sustainability booklet

Sustainability Spread.png
Sustainability Cover+Spread.png
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